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AC Repairs are common in South Florida. It is a hot place… very hot in the summers. A broken Air Conditioner can turn your home into an inferno. A few degrees of can play a critical role on the comfort of your home. When your AC is blowing hot air, and the thermostat temperature doesn’t come down, we are here to help. Sometimes you’ll find your AC system leaking water or making a loud noise. Chances are, if you’re having issues with your air conditioner blowing hot or warm air, it’s either a problem with the compressor/outside unit or your air conditioner is low on refrigerant. You may also have a duct that is broken or disconnected. Whatever the issue may be, we are here to help!

We offer same-day service repairs and our skilled technicians service or repair any brand of air conditioner. We will visit your home and diagnose your problem. No hourly fees.

We’ll tell you how much your service will cost before we undertake any repairs, and your price will be based on a straightforward pricing list.

If you decide to proceed with the repair, we will waive the $75.00 service call fee and ONLY charge you for the repair.

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Man performing a coil cleaning on an air conditioner.
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The most common air conditioning problems are:

  1. Refrigerant Leaks
  2. Inadequate Maintenance
  3. Electric Control Failure
  4. Sensor Problems
  5. Drainage Problems

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  • If you decide to proceed with the repair that has been diagnosed, we will waive this $75.00 service call fee and ONLY charge you for the repair.

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