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Anti Corrosion Coating for AC | Best Protective HVAC Coatings

Are you looking for anti corrosion coating for AC? Read on to know all about the benefits of using anti-corrosion coating for damage protection.

HVAC coil corrosion protection.

BronzGlow Corrosive Protection, protective HVAC coil coatings, anti corrosion coating for ac, HVAC coil corrosion protection

Anti corrosion coating for AC.

Living on South Florida’s Coast can be an amazing experience. The benefits of witnessing the horizon seafront, the great weather & our diverse community makes living here a dream. Although, we must accept both positive and negative aspects. Some unfortunate nuisances is the salt air from sea salt. Salt air affects metals more than 50 miles inland. Salt acts as a corrosion agent, deteriorating metal, paint finishes, HVAC coils, as well as destroying the outside condenser coil of an AC system and ultimately cause premature coil and compressor failure. Let’s face it, the air conditioners in our homes and the refrigeration equipment in our businesses such as walk in coolers and any outdoor equipment (especially those with thin metals) such as HVAC coils are directly affected by this salt air.   It is imperative to protect our air conditioners & refrigeration equipment. Premature HVAC coil corrosion can reduced life and cause failure. For this reason our team is specialized and trained in Bronz-Glow protective HVAC coil coatings & Husky Coil Coating in South Florida.

HVAC coil corrosion protection for your air conditioning and refrigeration system from rust and effects of exposure to salt air. We provide anti corrosion coating for air conditioners in Broward, Miami-Dade & Monroe county. Call Here And Now Air Conditioning today.

BronzGlow Corrosive Protection, protective HVAC coil coatings, anti corrosion coating for ac, HVAC coil corrosion protection

Why You Need Anti Corrosion Coatings & Its Advantages

When refrigerant is pumped through the condenser coil in your rooftop or outside unit, it is diminishing heat that is being moved from inside your home or business.  When it loses its ability to do so, the capacity and efficiency on your AC system is reduced.

For example, if you had a 3 ton (36,000 BTU) system with an rusty AC coil, over time it would start to lose its capacity to transfer heat. Eventually, your AC or Refrigeration system will run less capacity and efficiency.  This is when your comfort and  your electric bill becomes affected.

In a Salt Spray environment, unprotected coils will begin to corrode in just a few months. This can cut the useful life expectancy. Bronz-Glow anti corrosion coatings for AC provides Flexible Coating that allow for expansion which can be expected from the rise and fall of temperatures. Protect your air conditioner & refrigeration system from rust and deterioration and extend its useful life by 2-3 times! The best condenser protector is Bronz-Glow anti corrosion for air conditioner coil coatings.

Know More About HVAC Coil Corrosion Protection Experts

When you hire our team for your HVAC coil corrosion protection needs, you can rest assured knowing that your HVAC coils has the highest level of protection possible. Our team can help you avoid the costly repairs and premature need to replace your AC unit that result from corrosion. Your system will be able to provide your property with the highest level of comfort in the most efficient manner for the longest time period possible. Here And Now AC are the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Anti-Corrosion Experts.

BronzGlow Corrosive Protection, protective HVAC coil coatings, anti corrosion coating for ac, HVAC coil corrosion protection


Call on our team of Application Experts to solve your toughest corrosion problems. We recommend Bronz-Glow coating system to meet ALL of your corrosion needs.  Bronz-Glow offers the finest corrosion control coatings available. Coating products for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning &  Refrigeration condenser and evaporator coils need quality protective coatings to reduce the high costs of corrosion.

We use special metal preparation processes for the application of the coatings to steel and aluminum in order to obtain proper adhesion. Coating and application procedures successfully protect heat transfer equipment, such as fin tube coils and spirals

Bronz-Glow products have surpassed the industry with completing 15,000 hours in salt spray test and is the exclusive coating product used in Miami-Dade County’s Water & Sewer Department for corrosion protection. Bronz-Glow HVAC protective coating products have been shown to extend the life of HVAC-R and other heat transfer equipment. They provide superior corrosion resistance in the harshest environments, including C4, C5, CX and extreme marine environments. Coatings are designed for a wide range of pH environments, including highly acidic environments. They are used for protection in a variety of industries, including coating container linings, tank linings, fans, blowers, duct work, exhaust hoods, pipes, and pumps. Our Bronz-Glow coil coating products provide superior HVAC coil corrosion protection in a thin, flexible film.

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